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Wall Light
The Wall Lights we offer provide focused illumination. These are ideal for brightening the areas and give lighting to all surrounds. These have multiple uses and functions and can be used as the essentials of modern homes.
Led Lighiting Product
LED lights are applicable as aviation lighting, general lighting, traffic signals, automotive headlamps, advertising, horticultural grow lights etc. These save energy and work with safety.
COB Light
COB lights are commonly used in luminaires where single spot light and lamp are regularly used. These are suited for almost all types of luminaire. These can be used in the linear lights.
COB Movable Light
The COB Movable Lights provide flexibility and ease of use to the users. They can be used at all places, without much fuss. Made for indoors, these are made of plastic and metal.
COB Zoom Light
The COB Zoom Light allows for a latest technical setup. These lighting are used in banks, hotels, offices and museums. Offered solutions give attractive look to all interiors.
Foot Light
The Footlights are the modern lights, which offer a soft and diffuse light. These have the capacity to cut the harsh shadows grounded by stage lighting. The lights provides a natural and bright setting.
Garden Light
Garden lights are suited for several applications. Specifically, these are used for the illumination of gardens and give them a decorative effect with adequate lighting. The lights proffer a touch of elegance to the outdoor greenery area.
Heat Sink Panel Light
The Heat Sink Panel Lights can be used for museums, studios and exhibition halls. These are made from optimum grade materials and have accessibility in different technical specifications. These are breakage free lights of high utility.
LED Rope Light
The LED Rope Lights are suited for practical as well as decorative lighting purposes. They can be used as the outdoor artistic display, staircase lighting, deck lighting etc.
Mr16 Rgb Remote
Mr16 Rgb Remotes are color-varying LED spotlight bulb, made for their uses in household, boat, landscape and RV. These are suited for track lighting, driveway lights, cabin lights and recessed lighting.
Panel Drivers
Panel Drivers of alluring design make a self-contained power supply. These offer outputs, which are matched to several electrical attributes of the LED. These are effortless to use and mount.
RGB Remote Controller

The RGB remote controller is a special device, which is utilized for controlling the color as well as intensity of RGB LED lights. It has the intensities of different colors and is provided to clients at affordable rates.

Slim Panel Light

Offered Slim panel light is a high-quality LED light fixture, which gives energy-efficient and bright lighting. It is appreciable for its sleek as well as compact design and is demanded for both commercial and residential surroundings.

SMD Strip Light

The SMD Strip Light is a flexible circuit board populated by surface mounted light-emitting diodes (SMD LEDs) and other components that usually comes with an adhesive backing. It is used solely in accent lighting, backlighting, task lighting, and decorative lighting applications.

SMD Surface

The SMD Surface light offered by us refers to light-emitting diodes that are mounted and soldered onto a CB (circuit board). SMD means surface mounted diode. This is a better technology than the first generation DIP LEDs.

SMPS Driver

We are offering here the SMPS Driver that is used to supply to the LED lights and strip lights. We manufacture this driver using quality grade materials and components at our sophisticated production unit.

Strip Light

Strip light offered by us is a flexible circuit board that is populated with LEDs that people can stick almost anywhere they want to add powerful lighting in a variety of colors and brightness.

Surface Panel Light

The Surface Panel Light offers the elegance of panel light without the need for cut-outs in the ceiling eliminating the need for a false ceiling. Panel lighting is designed for both residential and commercial applications.

Track Light

A Track Light is offered by us that is suitable for use in track lighting is very much what it sounds like: a track that screws into your ceiling and provides power for a series of independent lights that are suspended from it.

UP Down Light

 The UP Down Light gets its name from the direction the light is angled. If the light is placed above the element to be illuminated, it is down lighting. When the light is below the focus element, it is uplighting.

3 In 1 Panel Series
The 3 In 1 Panel Series are the classic lights of ultra-slim design. These have been designed to offer a sense of luxury to the living room, kitchen and bedrooms.
COB Chip

COB chips supplied by us is suited for assorted lighting applications, such as bulbs, streetlights and downlights. This is best for display applications, such as indoor video walls and large outdoor displays. It has high efficiency, cost-effectiveness and consistency in its utility.


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